Silkymat is precision dispersion of polyethylene wax and other substances by only mechanical power.
Silkymat has been formulated by each grade to provide the excellent, matting, scratch resistant, abrasion resistant, water repellent effect, also anti-clump and anti-sedimentation for pigments as the Additives for the Painting Ink, Paint and Coating Industries.
SILKYMAT is used for layer as mold release or transfer printing as well in the Thermal Transfer industry.


SILKYMAT has many types of grades according its particle sizes, concentrations and average molecular weight of each wax as on below.

Using Solvents Carbon Hydride, Alcohol, Ester, Ketone, Aromatic, Glycol ether etc.
Using Waxes Polyolefin, Polycarbonate, Paraffine Wax, and various natural waxes.

※Please let us know your desire about concentration or particle size and so on. We do test and manufacture you request.

Handling and Storage instructions

  • Store at cool and well ventilated indoor, avoid not only sunlight but also high temperature.
  • Flammable materials. Keep fire away.
  • Confirm its uniformity by shake or agitate well before use.
  • Use up completely the contents on opening, otherwise it may cause to be immixed the dried solid matters are held on the inside upper cans by using leftover.
  • Avoid heating and rapid cooling for the products, as it may change the condition of dispersion even after addition for paint etc.

Guarantee Period for Quality; 6 months after date of dispatch.